Upcoming Events of Interest

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Conferences                                     Public Events                                   Museum Exhibits

Early Modern Collections
    The Huntington
    San Marino, CA
    Sept. 15-16, 2017

Maintaining Natures at SHOT 2017
    Philidelphia, PA
    Oct. 26-19, 2017

Heritage Livestock & Distributive Preservation at NCPH 2018
   Las Vegas, NV
   Apr. 18-21, 2018
& ASEH  
    Riverside, CA
    March 14-18
The Winged Hussars
   Royal Armouries
   Leeds, UK
   Aug. 26-28, 2017

Black Reins Magazine Launch
   Atlanta, GA
   Aug. 12, 2017
Eadweard Muybridge Animal Locomotion
    Beetles & Huxley
    London, UK
    July 19-Sept. 2, 2017
Saddle Up: Art and Artifacts of the Old West
    Bellefonte Art Museum
    Bellefonte, PA 
    Aug. 4-Sept. 24, 2017 

Frederic Remington
    The Met
    July 3, 2017-Jan 2, 2018

The Horse in Greek Art
   National Sporting Library
   Middleburg, VA
   Sept. 9, 2017-Jan. 14, 2018